Welcome to DreamSleep® Yognidrasana®

Welcome to DreamSleep® Yognidrasana®

Your Dreams Need DreamSleep® For Make Your Dreams True 

Sleepless Sleep DreamSleep® is 100% Proven, Evidence Based & Scientific Yogic Practice. You can Join it to go ahead with your Dreams. 

Scientist Lalit (Vignāni) / Founder & Researcher: Kalpdroom Science Research Center, Surat, Gujarat, India.

“Your dreams need the DreamSleep® and Kalpdroom® for ‘Sankalp & Manifestation’ as well as to ‘Catch the Problems & Generate New Ideas’”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is DreamSleep ?

DreamSleep is advanced practice of Yoga Nidra. It is evidence based scientific practice for stress relaxation and resolution. 

What is requirement to take this service?
  • Clean & Silent Room 
  • Yoga Mate
  • Laptop or Phone with Good Internet Connection. 
Who is teacher or master for Instruction.

Scientist Lalit Kachhadiya, Who is founder and researcher of the Kalpdroom Science and DreamSleep. He is founder of the Yujom Life Science. 

He is master instructor of the DreamSleep and Who trained some Instructor to give this service. 

So, Scientist Lalit or DreamSleep Instructor can give this service. 

Who can join DreamSleep?

DreamSleep can be join by Students, Businesspersons, Employees, Professionals, Patients, Singles, Couples, Parents etc. 

There is separate batches which contain one or more above category of persons. 

Any Contradiction or Problems with DreamSleep?

No, there is no any contradiction or problems with DreamSleep. It is 100% safe yogic practice.

It can be do with any other traditional or latest medical treatments. 

What's duration of DreamSleep?

Nowadays, there is stressful life for every one. So, it required at least once in a week life time to relieve stress and increase focus on work or study. 

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